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>90% of Workers’ Compensation Policies We See Are
Missing Savings
Is Yours???

92 x represent the workers compensation policies missing savings and 8 dollar signs that show policies that maximize savings

“Worked with George and found out
my comp policy was missing all kinds of stuff.
Really appreciated the education!”

-Kelly H.

Any Industry. Every State.

High-Risk Class Code? No Problem…

  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Roofing
  • School Districts
  • Hospitality
  • Municipalities
  • HVAC
  • Carpentry
  • Home Health
  • Assisted Living
  • Electrical
  • Quick-Serve Restaurant
  • Plumbing
  • Drywall
  • Masonry

And so many more…

“My family has a tree-trimming business
I thought we were stuck with paying crazy amounts for our Workers Comp
So glad I gave you guys a call!”

-Tim W.

Savings By Industry

These are examples of savings we have provided in different industries.

Associates Insurance Group offers Industry leading savings on Workers' Compensation Premiums in any industry

My Broker never quoted my policy

-Shane T.

The Price of Workers’ Compensation is NOT Set…

Many Businesses come to us thinking that Workers Compensation price set in stone and that is just what they have to pay. They think Workers Comp is a commodity and is calculated simply by number of employees, their class code and the rate set by the state and Carrier…
“The Price is the Price, right?”


Employee factors are only part of the equation…

  • Do you know what an E-MOD is?
  • Do you know how claims affect your E-MOD and, ultimately the Premium you pay?
  • Did you know you can protect your E-MOD which can lower your Premium at future renewals?
  • Did you know that each Carrier has programs that discount the Premium?
  • Did you know that what State(s) your Business is in affects discounts available to you?

Yes, the rate for each class code is set by the State and adjusted by the Carrier, but
we do so many things to reduce the Premium that you pay.

“I had no idea my Healthcare Company
qualified for a special discount program
It saved me a ton!”

-John R.

How is Workers’ Comp Premium Calculated?

The Premium you pay depends primarily on Claims, E-MOD, Employees, State, Carrier, and Discounts. But each of those depends on secondary factors… And then those primary factors affect each other. Worker’s Compensation is extremely complicated

Workers Comp is Complicated…

Workers Compensation is complicated, the premium paid depends on claims, emod, employees, state, carrier and discounts

Why Work With a Specialist?

If you needed brain surgery, would you want a Neurosurgeon or Family Practice?

Then why would you want your Work Comp with a General Insurance Broker?

Like brain surgery, Work Comp needs a Specialist… We can look at your policy, diagnose the problems and find savings.

I learned more in 5 minutes with you than 7 years with my old Broker…

-Jeff M.

We Specialize in Workers’ Comp

Work Comp is all we do. What we offer today is the result of 20+ years of looking at the Insurance Industry and asking “how can we do better? How can We continually evolve to meet and exceed our Clients’ needs for today and tomorrow…”

We have one central thought: “How can we better serve our Clients?”

Provide Industry-Leading Savings and Services

  • Access to more Carriers: which means more choices and potentially more savings. Most Brokers/Brokerages only work with one or a few Work Comp Carriers. We work with over 100…
  • Quoting your policy initially and at renewal. Most Brokers only quote your policy initially and then just renew the same policy year after year. We go through the whole quoting process EVERY YEAR.
  • Protecting your E-MOD to safeguard future savings. In our E-MOD analysis, we look at your E-MOD, your loss runs, and your safety programs and determine a strategy to proactively lower your E-MOD.
  • Setting up Safety Programs for added savings. We include safety resources to our Clients as part of our included services, and we set up the official programs that will provide savings on the Work Comp Premium such as Cost-Containment.
  • Advocating Claims with the Carrier. All of our clients have access to our In-House Medical Division who take care of the communication with the Carrier about the medical claims.
  • Empowering our Clients to understand their needs through education and transparency.
  • Providing Exceptional Client Services. We take Client service to a new level. Each Client works with a Work Comp Service Professional that takes care of everything quickly and efficiently.

“I thought it would be easier and cheaper to have all my coverage with the same Broker but It wasn’t. I saved more money by switching to you. And I saved again the next year.
That never happened with my old Broker!”

-Alex V.

We Find Savings Other Brokers Missed…

  • Carriers: We have access to over 100 Carriers and can find the one that is right for you based on your Industry and State. How many Carriers does your Broker have access to?
  • Exclusive Carrier Programs: Because we are the Nation’s Premier Work Comp Brokerage, we have access to exclusive programs that Carriers reserve for only their top Brokerages. Does your Broker have access to Exclusive Carrier Programs?
  • In-Depth Policy Design Review: We take a deep dive into your current Workers Comp policy and find areas where you are missing out on savings. Does your Broker try to find you savings?
  • Deductible Analysis: We look at your deductible, and your loss runs. We analyze your medical claims on your policy and determine the right deductible for your business. Having the right deductible will give you a discount on your premium but will also protect your E-MOD and help your business save more on your premium in the future. Does your Broker look for future savings?
  • E-MOD Analysis: We look at your E-MOD for your business and your industry, we look at your medical claims, and we find ways to proactively protect your E-MOD. One way is with the deductible, another is with safety. If you are keeping your employees safe, there are fewer claims, which lowers your E-MOD. What does your Broker do to protect your E-MOD?
  • Safety Programs: Many Carriers discount the Premium for Cost-Containment, Safety Groups or other Safety Programs. We set up the safety programs FOR you as part of our suite of Client Services. Does your Broker take care of safety programs for you?
  • Discount Analysis: We look at your industry, your state(s), your E-MOD, and your claims, and we look at all the discount programs available through each of the Carriers and find additional savings on your Workers’ Compensation Premium. Does your Broker know about all the Special Carrier Discount Programs?

All of this is Complimentary, and there is NO Obligation when requesting a quote…

I thought that I would be missing coverage with a quote so low. But I actually have better coverage than when I was paying more!
So glad I took the chance and switched!”

-Charles P.

Requesting a Quote is EASY

If you have ever gone through the quoting process, you know it can be a pain… But we make it SUPER EASY!!! We take care of all the tedious stuff FOR YOU! Literally a couple minutes of your time, we take care of the rest…


Fill Out The Web Form

This takes ~30 seconds. Give us basic information to get your policy to a Specialist in your State and Industry


Quick Call With Your Specialist

This takes ~2 miutes. Answer some Yes/No questions. Authorize us to pull your loss runs.


We Get Your Quote

This takes no time from you. We pull your loss runs, review your policy, submit your policy to up to 100 Carriers, depending on your state and industry

Are You Ready To Start Saving?