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Work Comp Services:
The Associates Difference

Your Work Comp has been neglected by your insurance broker. “The price just isn’t the price.” There are so many things we do to lower your cost and enhance your service.

We do Work Comp

And we do it BETTER than everyone else…

Services at Associates Insurance Group

Associates Insurance group saves money on Insurance premiums by restructering the policy

Policy Structure

Associates Insurance Group provides access to money saving insurance carrier programs

Carrier Programs

Each Client with Associates Insurance Group is supproted by a dedicated work comp  service representative

Dedicated WorkComp Service Professionals

Associates Insurance Group provides industry leading safety resources

Safety Resources

Associates Insurance Group partners with premiere insurance carriers

Carrier Partnerships

Associates Insurance Group has in house medical claims division

In-House Medical Claims Division

Industry-Leading Savings and Service

You deserve great service for your Work Comp. We do so much more than just issue a basic Work Comp policy for you. We access our many Carriers and ensure that you receive maximum savings, your claims and employees are taken care of, and you receive the highest level of service. We will continue to make sure you receive the most savings and service every year.

Associates Insurance group inspects the insurance policy to maximize savings

Policy Structure

Did you know that most premiums can be reduced simply by re-structuring the policy?

Most policies we see throughout the country are structured poorly, resulting in the business paying too much. Our first step is to analyze your current policy and make sure you have the correct deductible, are taking advantage of state and carrier discounts and safety groups, etc. Policy design is important to your premium and protecting your EMOD.

“Worked with George and found out my comp policy was missing all kinds of stuff.  Really appreciated the education!” 

-Kelly H

Carrier Partnerships

Did you know that most brokers only utilize a few Work Comp Insurance Carriers and rarely re-quote your policy at renewal?

We select and monitor our Work Comp Carriers constantly to provide our clients access to Industry-Leading savings and support. We are always able to show new clients Carrier quotes they haven’t seen before to maximize their savings. We quote our clients with all of our Carriers constantly to find and maintain the best Carrier and savings for their specific situation.

associates insurance group has access to exclusive money saving programs

“Associates took the time to see what they could do to improve our coverage and costs and followed up after we switched to them, unlike our former agents.  I feel they really care about our company, making sure we have the coverage we need and an agent we can get in touch with.”

-Chad R

associates insurance group has access to exclusive money saving programs

Carrier Programs

Did you know that Insurance Carriers have exclusive programs only available to top brokerages?

Because of our status with Work Comp Carriers, we are able to access and offer our clients exclusive programs that provide additional premium savings in specific industries.

“They are very helpful and strive to inform me of all programs that will save me money or add value!”

-Cameron G

Dedicated Work Comp Service Professionals

Did you know that the person who services your Work Comp Policy is typically a general service person and does not have expertise in Work Comp?

Every client is assigned a Dedicated Work Comp Service Professional who works exclusively with Work Comp. This is YOUR PERSON–who will service your policy on a daily basis and provide the resources you need. When it comes time to renew the policy, your policy will be requoted annually with all of our Carrier Partners and Programs. If we can save you money, we will!

Associates Insurance Group has dedicated work comp service professionals

“I have used other companies, and none of them have been as on top of it and attentive as these guys!  We are a family-run business, and they provide that same feel that I expect our customers to feel!  Love working with these guys, and I highly recommend them for any company looking to get all your coverage from one place!”

-Colorado Construction Company

Associates insurance group has In-house medical claims division who advocates for work comp claims

In-House Medical Claims Division

Did you know both frequency and severity of Work Comp claims affect your EMOD?

Our Medical Claims Team monitors and advocates your Work Comp Claims with our Carrier Partners. We have solid relationships with our Carrier Adjusters and are able to use this relationship to advocate on our clients’ behalf. A medical triage unit is also provided for claims occurring after business hours.

“Associates Insurance Group was there for our company when we needed it most!  They were immediately on top of it and extremely efficient and proactive in working on our behalf.  They felt the urgency of our situation and responded with consideration & professional concern.  They saved us a lot of stress & headaches!  Thanks guys, for doing a great job!  We appreciate you!”

-Maggie S

Safety Resources

Did you know that developing a “Culture of Safety” at your company can greatly reduce injuries and claims?

We provide our clients with extensive safety resources to build your company safety programs, education, and training. These programs are industry specific for your company for greater relevance and effectiveness.

small company receiving safety training using resources from Associates Insurance Group

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